Interesting Things to Know About Staithes

If you are going to spend some time in Staithes at the Saltburn-By-The-Sea resort, then you may be interested in knowing a little about Staithes itself. Being familiar with a place that you are going to be staying at makes your stay all the more interesting.

Staithes is a well known seaside village that now caters to tourism. It is located in the Borough of Scarborough in the North of Yorkshire, England. At one time this region was an important fishing centre. Even today there are still some part-time fishermen here, but nothing like 100 years ago when there were over 100 that made their living from fishing.

What you can expect to find here are cobblestone streets that are narrow but lined with all sorts of quaint cottages. There are plenty of public houses that offer food and many offer small bed and breakfast accommodation.

When it comes to the terrain here you are going to be most impressed with its beautiful high cliffs, and the seaside air that is surely recognized as being the best. The permanent residency has reduced, but those who do live here on a constant basis have continued with many of the traditions that Staithes was recognized for. For example, the women still purchase their bonnets from the local bonnet maker. And the Fisher Men’s Choir can still be enjoyed.

Art makes up a big part of the heritage of Staithes, and was at one time the home for several famous artists like Edward E. Anderson and James W. Booth, both of which were part of the Staithes Group of Artists. To keep this heritage alive, the village holds an impressive festival every year.

For those that like history that has a little spice to it, Captain James Cook once worked here as a grocer’s apprentice.

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