Saltburn-By-The-Sea Landmarks

If you are an individual who loves to learn about the history of places that you are visiting, and are able to let your imagination run free when you are looking at their landmarks, then you are going to love those that are here at Saltburn-By-The-Sea.

Saltburn Pier

One may not think that there would be anything interesting about a pier but that is not so when you actually get to stand on the Saltburn Pier. This pier is the last one to remain in Yorkshire. You will definitely be in awe of its 681-foot length that allows you to walk across it. As you do so just imagine that this was first built in 1869, and has been renovated to retain its beauty and integrity.

Saltburn Cliff Lift

When you are looking at this lift you are viewing what is considered to be one of the oldest water-powered funiculars in the world. The main purpose that this lift was constructed to assist those who were in the town who wanted to go to the pier. The cliff was so steep that it was impeding walking to the pier. Later transportation to the pier was provided by the cliff tramway.

Saltburn Miniature Railway

This miniature railway opened in 1947. It is comprised of a 15-inch gauge railway and is considered to be an important tourist attraction for the area.

All of this and more is what you can find at this seaside resort. You will want to pay a visit to the founder’s abode of the resort, Henry Pease. Henry built a house in 1862 which is called Teddy’s Nook, often referred to as the Cottage.

Originally the town was founded by Quakers, so there was no serving of alcohol in the public houses, but this refreshment could be enjoyed in the local hotels and bars.

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