Spending a Perfect Day at Staithes Saltburn-By-The-Sea

It doesn’t matter whether you are only going to visit Staithes for one day or several; each day can be a perfect one. If you have arrived at night for a stop over, hopefully you have stayed at one of the wonderful Public Houses that also has B&B facilities. If so, here is an example, of how you may want to have the perfect day at Staithes Saltburn-By-The-Sea.

Begin the day with a hearty breakfast

If you stayed at one of the B&Bs, then you will be starting your day with a great breakfast. You don’t have to worry about leaving the premises to find a restaurant to start your day with a great meal.

Time for Sight Seeing

After a hearty breakfast, you may be ready to walk it off by taking a walk along the Saltburn Pier. This is a 208-metre walk one way. You are going to get a first-hand look at the sea while taking in the beautiful seaside air. Following this, you may be ready to view the Saltburn Miniature Railway. It is really interesting to see the 15in gauge railway in action.

TIme for a Break

Talk a walk along the High Street and enjoy the shops here and maybe stop for a refreshing lunch.

How About Some Surfing

Head back to the sea again, but this time how about some lessons in surfing that will allow you to enjoy what the seaside surf has to offer?

Off to the Public Houses

After a full day of activity, it is now time for a great pub meal followed by sitting for a few hours and enjoying a pint or two of beer. Join in on some of the conversations of the locals and truly learn about the experiences they have had living here.

It doesn’t take long to fill your day with enjoyment here at this seaside resort.

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